Two rats, both alike in dignity, conspire to meet in the mysterious, god-forsaken cage the humans call "The West Coast". They say California exists on its own cultural plane. They say it is a land without humility, oblivious to its own insanity. They say it resists satire. They say it is a parody of its own self.

Rat Megan, a seeker of the truth, dares to witness this unnatural phenomenon for herself. Rat Hannah, native to California, offers to serve as her guide. The plan has been locked into place, and the pieces are in motion. Soon, Rat Megan will claw her way out of a Houstonian airport, ascend to the heavens, and dive down into the false utopia known as "SoCal". Together, they will fuck around and find out.

All that remains is to start the journey.


Rat Megan goes to the wrong airport.


Rat Megan arrives at the correct airport, on time. Rat Hannah prepares herself to receive her guest.


Despite the forces of evil fighting her every step of the way, Rat Megan manages to force her way through the evil energy surrounding SoCal.

Rat Hannah, meanwhile, has battled her own demons -- that which is known as 'I-5 Traffic'. She is victorious, but barely. Construction has slowed her approach, and Rat Megan is forced to wait as Rat Hannah attempts to cut down the other drivers around her. Eventually, they make it out of San Diego in one piece.

Tonight is for resting and regaining their strength. Tomorrow, though -- that is when the real adventure begins.



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