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Under construction as site of various writing thoughts, advice, complaints, and commentary on fandom culture. We're both fanfic writers, so complaints about fanfic ahoy!

For the purposes of the conversation, romance and sexuality doesn't exist. We're rats. We aren't interested in such things. Thanks!

This page can serve as a landing page and table of contents to other versions of this page that act as different 'notebook pages' for individual advice posts.

Ironically, I am supposed to be writing my own stuff right now, but I'm doing this instead.

Why does it feel like I can't curse on this site?

EDIT:we can do whatever the FUCK we want meg

Extra note: figure out a way to incorporate Chicken On A Raft onto this website.

"i think i'm gonna tackle the hot takes page another day" FUCK you past self
i'll add some funky decorations later but i think this layout is easier to code than the other one
did you know the other page was just transparent containers on top of an image???? absolutely TERRIFYING to me.