Rat Utopia!

A very hearty rat-welcome to you! We're just two rats trying to make our way in this wild, ratty world.

We hope that our humble home can provide humans a rats-eye view of what us rats hold near and dear to our hearts.

Cheesy Rat

The Cheesy Rat wishes to savor its meal!

Here are some great pictures of the duplex we share and the world around us. Although we're both kind of shut-ins at times, we do enjoy going outside on big adventures! One day, we even went to a corner store down the block. We made friends with a cockroach selling us cigarettes. How cool is that! [NOTE TO HANNAH: THE PICTURES ARE TERRIBLE]

Capitalist Rat

The Capitalist Rat is off to commit a crime against humanity!

Traveling Rat

The Traveling Rat finds a way!

Our assigned worksheet asked that we include some hobbies, opinions, and passions. We have a shared love for writing (We met on Tumbling, if you can believe it - with the internet, you can make friends anywhere!), so we both decided to have a little page where we share some writing tips.

Rat Hannah is also an old pro at working these lab rat gigs, so she's become a real connoisseur of mazes. If you're interested in picking up some jobs here or there and want to sharpen your skills, I'd check her out! And she DEFINITELY wouldn't tuck in a few guides to the unfairly difficult maze tests conducted by Dr. Cushing's PATH Lab at UT Health Science Center Houston ;)

Dancing Rat

The Dancing Rat challenges you to a dance battle!


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